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24 - 7 = WALRUS 
2nd-Jun-2007 08:18 pm
Phew-- I have a big headache. Gaah.

Well, anyway, Lum-Lum came over as you all know and we went around the mall a bit yesterday. We ate popcorn and played in the arcade. Yeah, I beat her in everything~ :D :D

And then on the way home she made me listen to shouty-shouty rock music. They're okay but she's never going to convert me~

We toyed around with the webcam and people kept looking at my chest. WTF. LOL, Lum-Lum and I were so demented. And then we had to type for our story with Yama-chan and Mayriel. After awhile, we started playing Flash games and watching stuff on youtube. We got so addicted to the games, especially these two quiz games, The Impossible Quiz and The Vision Test and stayed up until four trying to answer. The Impossible Quiz is merciless crack. ;___;

Around that time, we stayed in the room for about an hour and then I fell asleep almost instantly after but Lum-Lum didn't sleep at all. o_O;; The next morning, we watched a DVD, played more Flash games and then she had to go home~

Oh yuhs and I wrote STRAIGHT here as a collaboration with Lum-Lum, but my gay character interrupted the het scene, LOL. <33

Guh. And I just found out we're going out of town tomorrow to Subic. How last minute! D: D: I'm going to die of exhaustion and I was supposed to give Kaba-lump Iya's gift then! But they insisted we go out. x_x Umm...D: Maybe I can rush before her lola leaves the gift on Monday?

*sigh* I'm going to buy lotsa chocolates there as retribution! :\ Anyone want anything cheap?~

Ah and since I won't be online to greet you tomorrow:


And a gift for you~

Hero by Arashi
Double Destiny by Namikawa Daisuke and Kishio Daisuke
Quickening by Manabu Enuma
PERFECT NIGHT by Toshiyuki Kusuda
Meimoku no Shiroki Zanzou by Toriumi Kousuke
CHU-LIP by Otsuka Ai
Tsukiakari by Rie Fu
Itsuka by Miyano Mamoru
Kuchibiru Kara Romantica by AAA
final destination by Utada Hikaru

Iyou wanna know why I chose a song, you can ask me na lang when we go on Y!M. <3 And if there were any AtoShishi song, I'd SO add it to the FST!;__;
2nd-Jun-2007 02:56 pm (UTC)
It's your fault that your chest was so.. UNPROTECTED. o__o
3rd-Jun-2007 11:51 am (UTC)
D: D: Why were you looking then, HM?
2nd-Jun-2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
You didn't get past the 24-7 part? Want me to tell you the answer? :P
3rd-Jun-2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Actually, we got until the 90's questions na then we gave up. XP
19th-Aug-2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
31st-Jan-2011 06:03 am (UTC)
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