Random rant about gashapon

I leave my LJ inactive for what seems like forever and then I decide to use it again to rant...about toys...I'm pathetic. OTL

Actually, I plan to use this again for the sembreak (it's not sembreak for another week but whatever) cause I owe like...10 fics to people (and one of them for Iya (volley) has turned into a monster so I need to keep it organized) so I'll post them here cause its easier than DW. XP That and eljay is the only place I can rant about action figures without looking crazy, ahahaha. 8D

Oh and I might as well post what I owe people for self-reference (since it is likely I will forget and because I don't trust my USB anymore after it contracted USB-AIDS at a netcafe in UP) and so if I made I mistake, those people correct me. =u=

Anyway, I did Gintama gashapon for the third time today and I realized that the universe is trying to tell me to stop it because I am cursed.

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Iya and Chels Friendship Day '09~

♥ Happy Iya & Chels Friendship Day!8D ♥

omg, sorry that this isn't so extravagant or anything but I've been in sick in bed with bronchitis for the past week. DX Anyway, hope you like this. 8D

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I know I should be burning my headLINE and sleeping now since I have lotsa work to do before the week ends but I don't feel like sleeping na. I'll just be drowsy tomorrow morning if I do. XP Yeah, I so healthy. :>
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Things to remember/bring for the 30-31st!

Yeah, I just think I need to remind people what to bring for the two days of awesomeness~ :D Haha, it'll be two awesome and very packed days. 'o' Bring all the stuff you're supposed to or DIE.

For CD recording
+ Lyrics
+ Lukewarm water
+ MONEYZ (Yama-chan - 220; Ken-Ken, Teench and Ki-Cho - 430)
+ Clothes for CD cover shooting (Not sure where we'll do it ._.)

Code Geass Group cosplay photoshoot
+ Costumes (Bring both for those with two)
+ Props (we need: chains, swords, guns, ribbons, birds o_O, chainsaw, cloth/capes, pizza/pizzaboxes, etc. Up to you to bring what you need for your pictures. XP )
+ Camera

Halloween Sleepover
+ Scary movies
+ Fatal Frame/any scary survival horror game/any Musou game
+ Clovis the chicken 8B
Room assignments will be decided on the spot instead due to disagreements. XP

+ Trick-or-Treat basket/bag
+ WATER / drinks
+ somehing to wipe sweat with
+9-seater bike
+ Halloween costume
+ Cel (in case you get lost/separated)

And we're joining the UP con's group cosplay contest this time, dammit. >:[ Script will be given on the 30th so we can rehearse at least even once. :]
Code Geass Group Cosplay!:D
Tinch → Lelouch Lamperouge (Ashford boy + childhood)
Denise → Euphemia Li Britannia (Casual + childhood)
Chiara → Kururugi Suzaku (Military + childhood)
Lysa → OCornelia Li Britannia (Childhood)
Alex R. → C.C. (R2 Black Knights)
Alex L. → Mao (Normal)
Mawee → Karen Kouzuki (R2 casual)
Kyle → Millay Ashford (Ashford girl)
Karmina → Rivalz Cardemonde (Ashford boy)
Mai → Lloyd Asplund (Military)
Cecile → Nunally Lamperouge (Ashford girl -pink- )
Dana → Shirley Fennette (Ashford girl)

And uh, palancas plz by Thursday morning!~ :D
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Yo!~ Euphie's here!:D She came home with me from school~ I whisked her away~

LOL and Iya's coming back in a few days!*_______* I'm so excited~ :'D It's been years since I saw her!:'3 I wonder how she looks like now with her hair, haha~

kthnx bai, I'm busy downloading 3475636867847 songs with Euphie and the story~ LOLOLOL. ^o^ d
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24 - 7 = WALRUS

Phew-- I have a big headache. Gaah.

Well, anyway, Lum-Lum came over as you all know and we went around the mall a bit yesterday. We ate popcorn and played in the arcade. Yeah, I beat her in everything~ :D :D

And then on the way home she made me listen to shouty-shouty rock music. They're okay but she's never going to convert me~

We toyed around with the webcam and people kept looking at my chest. WTF. LOL, Lum-Lum and I were so demented. And then we had to type for our story with Yama-chan and Mayriel. After awhile, we started playing Flash games and watching stuff on youtube. We got so addicted to the games, especially these two quiz games, The Impossible Quiz and The Vision Test and stayed up until four trying to answer. The Impossible Quiz is merciless crack. ;___;

Around that time, we stayed in the room for about an hour and then I fell asleep almost instantly after but Lum-Lum didn't sleep at all. o_O;; The next morning, we watched a DVD, played more Flash games and then she had to go home~

Oh yuhs and I wrote STRAIGHT here as a collaboration with Lum-Lum, but my gay character interrupted the het scene, LOL. <33

Guh. And I just found out we're going out of town tomorrow to Subic. How last minute! D: D: I'm going to die of exhaustion and I was supposed to give Kaba-lump Iya's gift then! But they insisted we go out. x_x Umm...D: Maybe I can rush before her lola leaves the gift on Monday?

*sigh* I'm going to buy lotsa chocolates there as retribution! :\ Anyone want anything cheap?~

Ah and since I won't be online to greet you tomorrow:


And a gift for you~
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Viva la AtoShishi!~

lulz, Iya and I are working on a Convert-the-Masses-to-AtoShishi project at the moment and it's so amusing. I'm doing a HYD = PoT fic for it and it will serve as a base for a doujin she'll soon be doing. XD
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Anyway, if you wanna join the project, please send anything AtoShishi to either of us within the next two weeks, kthnx. :'D

Ohyuhs, Lum-Lum's sleeping over on Friday.'s part of my little psychological counseling for her since I'm the only one she talks to about her issues. A few nights ago she sent a suicidal text so Yama-chan asked me to call her and she needed daw to get away from home, so thus the two of us are having an overnight thing. XP I must remove any sharp objects from my house to protect Lum-Lum from herself. It was supposed to be the four of us but Yama-chan can't go and I will kill Ken-Ken for ignoring my texts. *cracks knuckles* >:\

And umm...The Dead's Desire reival, peoplez. I wanna post the mature chapters already!D: D: *flail*
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