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Iya and Chels Friendship Day '09~ 
3rd-Apr-2009 12:19 pm
♥ Happy Iya & Chels Friendship Day!8D ♥

omg, sorry that this isn't so extravagant or anything but I've been in sick in bed with bronchitis for the past week. DX Anyway, hope you like this. 8D

"Can miles truly separate us from friends?
If we want to be with someone we love, aren't we already there?"

~ Richard Bach

Loneliness was the only companion I needed to get along
But then you came and you proved that wrong
You were the first one who made me really smile
And you made living my life really worthwhile

Thanks to you I can be who I really am inside
And at times when HELE made me cry you were at my side
Because of you blood sucking mutants were so amusing
Though the others found our ideas confusing

Together Iya and Chels became a force to be reckoned
We used to make older kids cry within a second
In fact no matter how many times we tried to add a third
We were too special for them it would be absurd

We'd make so many stories and write them all down
I even remember one with Nemesis and Calypso the clown
We used to share food and drinks all the time
If we couldn't spend our lunches together, that would be a crime

Then the time came when you had to move away
How I wished that it would never be that day
I was crushed at the thought of being apart from you
And I think on that day the sky cried too

But because of the marvels and wonders of technology
We still talk about serial killers, online games and Shinto mythology
We may be busy with the new lives we have to live
But times spent with you even just online, those are times I'd never give

So no matter the day, the distance or the country we're in
Despite all those odds our friendship will always win
Even when we become arthritic old ladies and are near our end
Together or apart, alive or dead, you will always be my best friend

*fails at poetry* Okay so poetry isn't my forte at all but well I already exhausted essay, old blackmail pictures, songs and a video. I want every year to be unique so I tried my hand at this. Haha, and I apologize for the mind boggling amount of cheese. XD
And Calypso was a clown, right?o_O I think he was...Hurr, my memory's veryyy bad.
So yeah, Happy Friend Ship Day, Iya!:'D

"Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel."
"I hate having my soul on the other side of the world, but I am so glad it's with you."
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