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27th-May-2007 11:01 am(no subject)
Yesterday was Nanay Oishi's recital recital!~ It was such a fun day. XD First, I watched them practice and we were watching this guy who was breakdancing. Such upper body strength! Ah, when Nanay's group was practicing, I kept waving support a sign but she was embarassed by it so I wasn't allowed to wave it anymore. ;o;

Anyway, I was able to see the performance and she was good. :D Although the person dancing beside her sucked so bad it was annoying. >_>;; Unfortunately, her parents weren't able to come so poor Nanay cried. :'< I'm glad I was there at least to support her but since I felt so bad for her we went to soothe her sadness with softdrinks and Kit-Kat in a small store just outside the gym where the recital was held.

So to say sorry for not watching her dance, her mom took us to Shakeys' where we ate and had this make-your-own ice cream thing. Her brother was so funny when he was making the ice cream, he was making compartments where in he'd put lotsa of chocolate. He complained though when we finished that it was actually small for him. o_o;;
Oh and on the way home, I beat her at thumb wrestling. >:D

Then we watched Shrek 3 together.She was supposed to watch with us with her mom but her mom had to pack up cause she's leaving for Rome today, so only she came with us. She wanted to watch PoTC3 but I already saw it and lemme say it was awesome though I find the ending kinda weird. D:
Anyway, so Shrek was hilarious and cute. Although the best character there was KeitaArtieKeita especially when he pretended to cry. It was so cute. XD Though now I wanna see the Japanese dub of Shrek because...uhh, Keita Tachibana > Justin Timberlake, kthnx. 8D
23rd-May-2007 03:52 pm - TA-DAH!~
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you all the most beautiful sight you have ever seen!~

View here. :>
21st-May-2007 06:03 pm - DELICIOUSSSS!~
OMG, Bimi Gakuin is funny crack. XD I couldn't stop laughing after the main character guy did his power up sequence and the guy with the galsses went "Deliciousss!*o*" Plus, how can I ignore Nangayan's cute perfomance? Cutest kung-fu man evaaarrr. Ah, and aiba and Kawaii are there too! And that Miura guy is so cute when he talks. XD
Eiji-kun, you must watch it!~

And because Tinchi asked for it, I uploaded Kato Kazuki's newest album, Face!

It's here!:DCollapse )
20th-May-2007 10:04 pm(no subject)
*sigh* I was busy the whole day today and got home late. First we went to a funeral of the mother of my mom's friend. I actually a lot cried at the funeral despite not knowing who died. o_O But well, for other reasons of course. It was in Manila Memorial Park so I also visited Kou-chan's mom and I gave her a flower.

After that, we went to mass and to a while bunch of other places so I wasn't able to go to the pagawaan place like I had to, so my mom will go for me within the week. :>

Gah, my aunt was hogging the other computer all day so I can't go on Y!M!x_x This computer in the room can't use any messenger eh. Stupid, stupid...

Oh yeah...

HOLY SHIT, I SAW ARASHI ON TV!!! They were on the NHK channel at 9 on some talk show called, Premium!*o* They were interviewing Satoshi Ohno and then they showed an interview of Arashi about their latest concert. Then they performed Love so Sweet and We Can Make It!. LOL, I screamed my head off for an hour. XD It was so amusing! Matsumoto Jun was just so sexy as usual~ <3

And just because I found it amusing stolen from Tinchi and Eiji-kun~:
Yaay.Collapse )
20th-May-2007 01:13 pm(no subject)
I went to the Mangaholix convention yesterday!:D I went there with my dad who was with his date~ They were so cute. :> The convention wasn't great kinda boring but there was one awesome booth and the cosplay was amusing so it wasn't terrible. XD

For random fangirly insanity~Collapse )
13th-May-2007 09:54 am(no subject)
Happy Mother's Day everyone!:D

I'm leaving for out of town in awhile since it's Mother's Day and all. I'll be back again by Tuesday, so yeah.

Oh god, my left eye's really, really swollen eye plus it's fucking painful. D: Guh, it looks really nasty now and it hurts to blink. T_T Anyway, I just need to take some antibiotics for it and it'll be gone probably in a week.
At least I get to wear this cool eye patch. :D Arr, mateys.

OMG, I just saw the first episode of Koutetsu Sangokushi. XD *dead* It's gay Dynasty Warriors with Lu Xun as the main character!:D The main pair looks to be Zhuge Liang x Lu Xun though. o__O;; I am scared. It's also historically inaccurate and they're all magikul but it has so many wonderful seiyuu in it plus it's gay so I'm up for it!~ And it has Miyano Mamoru as Lu Xun!<3 Ah and Suwabe Junichi's Gan Ning. >_>;;
Darker than Black is wonderful too~ Although originally I watched it mainly for Toriumi Kousuke and Hidenobu Kiuchi, it's like a complicated and futuristic version of Heroes. Unfortunately, Hidenobu did not use his kinky Oshitari voice. T_T

So anyway, see you guys in two days~
9th-May-2007 04:43 pm - AT LONG LAST!
FINALLY, MY INTERNET IS FIXED. Stupid bitches at the internet company were so slow at sending people over. -_-

Well, a bunch of stuff happened during my internet-less days. Like Katrina's debut where we drank alcohol :D, oh and my mom got hospitalized, right after we got back from a vacation to Baguio.

Which reminds me, I haven't given most of my pasalubong yet. ;o; Oh yeah, they had a radio station in Baguio that played J-Pop and anime songs! *_* *dead* And there a lot of Koreans there. o_O That must've explained why I kept seeing BoA posters. XP Baguio was really fun but tiring~

Oh yus, and there was Lum-Lum's surprise birthday party. Number of guests: 2. They made me wait for three hours, losurs. We bought her a tiny cake with a little candle, which I had to cross the street for! I don't even know how to cross the street. D: I nearly got run over by a taxi. Anyway, it was amusing though when we jumped out from under the table with pointy party hats to surprise her. XD Then Yama-chan was so scared when we watched a horror movie. XD

Anyway, I just finished the first season of the live action Hana Yori Dango mainly because of Arashi and it's nice~ :D Okay, I hate the heroine cause she's so inconsistent and annoying but Matsumoto Jun (Domyouji Tsukasa) is LOVE!<3 He's like a stupid and violent version of Atobe. 8D His stupidity is so cute. <3 Kinda reminds me of PoT Pals Atobe actually. XD Oh, Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui) and Matsuda Shota (Nishikado Soujiroh) are love too~ :> Although Domyouji and Tsukushi remind me of AtoShi for some reason. XD If only she were a man.

I have much catching up to do. It's been more than a month already. T_T
My internet is broken since like Monday last week which explains why I haven't been online since then, that and I just came back from a last minutes out of town vacation (I only found out the niht before we left o_O) and I've been sleeping at the hospital cause my mom's been confined for hypertension but she's okay, she'll be released tomorrow thankfully so all plans are still on for tomorrow.

I'm just at an internet cafe now cause I have to print something for Katrina's debut tomorrow. Anyway, the computer's getting fixed on Monday or Tuesday, so I'll be back then~ Sorry for not being online and stuff. T_T
8th-Apr-2007 07:39 pm - Such an eventful summer~

Hope you don't mind but I'll post teh birthday post for you tomorrow. I'm not ready cause I had insufficient PC time. T_T

Whew, haven't been updating for a loooong time but I've been busy I wasn't allowed to use the computer cause it was Holy Week and I was out for the past two days.

Guuh...I feel sick again. XP

I've been busy cause Yama-chan and I are joining this contest, I've been planning stuff for Lum-Lum's going away/birthday party, been organising stuff for a recording we're having in May, I've been writing a Doctor Suess poem cause I'm one of the 18 in a debut I'm invited to this month, rewriting the script for Freddie and the Vampires, typing powerpoints about some masters business course (WTF) for my lolo and alot of other shit. And my mom's been making me watch TV series marathons with her, not that I'm complaining. XD Heroes and Jericho are both so addicting to watch~

In summary, I've been very busy. T_T Well, anyway, I'll be going on vacation on the 15th for a week so yeah~

Oh, I finally found a DVD of Death Note: The Last Name, although the subtitles were shit. o_o Instead of the subtitles saying "Kira", they said, "very happy" ...WTF. "OHNOES, it's the killer, VERY HAPPY! O:" I like the way the shinigami look in the movie~

So I slept over at my dad's house yesterday and I met his half sister...that I never heard about until yesterday. o_O And I discovered a bunch of family secrets. Twas a very eventful Holy Week. Well, my dad's half sister's only twenty years old!o.o But she's really nice and fun plus she's a singer in a band and stuff~ We were singing karaoke with her. XD; Well, last night, we went to an Easter vigil and I nearly fell asleep. Then we joined a procession and I annoyed everyone by taking pictures of them again and again. XD We got home really late and had to wake up early (T_T) the next day cause my mom said we were going to eat lunch in a club. LAWLZ, I surprised Kou-chan today (peach_koala) by calling her on the cel during lunch. XD; I was supposed to bring the her gift to but I couldn't so within the week na lang. Ah, and I wrapped it myself. :D *wraps like a blindfolded gorilla with no thumbs*

After lunch at Club Filipino, we went to the mall, the grocery and finally home.

Gah, I tired.
15th-Feb-2007 06:27 pm - I hate you.
Shit. It's at times like this that you know who really understand who really care for you.

Some friends you are.
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